World Around Trip: One Year Ago Today

world around trip: one year ago today

One year ago today I started my world around trip

Saturday 2nd April 2011

I wake up early to get prepared for my departure. I spent my last night to a family house  because I didn’t have my apartment anymore. That was a great opportunity to tell my family goodbye and thank for everything. To be honest, I didn’t sleep very well last night. I guess I am very excited!

My bags are ready: I have my new red backpack with all my stuff (clothes, medicines, equipments, shoes…) and a small 25-lt backpack with all the important and necessary documents. The small backpack is as important as my life…there is everything that declares who I am, what I have, where I live and where I am going.

A friend of mine, Anna, should come soon to drive me to the train station of Paris, Gare du Nord.  Stephanie, the wife of my boyfriend’s brother, prepared me a small surprise: She cooked some French croissants and “pain au chocolat” and she gave them to me for the trip. That was definitely the best breakfast I could ever have before leaving.

I take my two backpacks and my delicious breakfast, I say goodbye to everyone and I get into the car of Anna.

My feelings are strange: excitement, fear, happiness…all of them. In the car, Anna put a Greek song:


Μαζί μου έλα, πάνω από τα σύννεφα…

Νύχτα και μέρα, πάνω από τα σύννεφα…

which means

Come with me above the clouds…

Night and day, above the clouds…


Oh yes, I forgot to mention: we are both Greeks and we have moved to Paris a couple of years ago. It was just the right song to tell a last goodbye to my lovely home country too!

We arrive at the train station. I say goodbye to Anna too. This is a difficult moment and we take a picture together for souvenir.

I get out of the car with all my stuff. I don’t feel comfortable. It is my first time in my life that I travel with a backpack. It will be difficult I know it. I will have to get adapted. I am an organized person and I always like having my stuff well organized to avoid loosing it. This is a quite impossible thing to achieve while you travel with a backpack. But I knew nothing about all that the day of my departure because I have never travelled like that before.

I walk and turn back for a moment to watch for a last time the Parisian sky.

This sky generates different feelings in my heart: I hate it because it was never as blue and sunny as I wanted. I used to compare  it to the clear, Greek sky. On the other hand, I love it because it is Paris’ sky. What to say about a city that has the power to make you be stuck with it!

I pass the control and I get into the train. I feel quite nervous. I leave for a long travel and I have never done that before. I start enjoying my croissants in order to get relaxed.

The word around trip starts: Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is my first destination!

All the above happened just one year ago. I am wondering how this can be possible. I feel like if it happened yesterday.

During my world around trip I was thinking that life is passing so slowly. Now, I know that  may happen only if we want it to happen.  On the other hand, if we want to accelerate our life, we can. It is the way we think and our reality that generates the one or the other feeling. My reality during the world around trip was different than my friends’ or my family’s reality. I was enjoying 100% every moment of every single day.

But Lenia, do we need to leave and have a world around trip to enjoy 100% our life?

Off course not.

Well, that is a canned answer. You can see through this blog that I am not very good to give advice. There are numerous blogs out there that can give you advice about how to enjoy your life, how to think positively, how to escape your 9 to 5 job, how to dream, how to make money, how to have a bold life…

I have just one advice to give you: Stop following others and start choosing for your life. Life is a puzzle and you need to choose the right pieces to get the best result. You also have the right to choose something and then change your choice. It is up to you!

Decisions and choices are hard because when we make them they may change our reality. As a result, we get out of our comfort zone and we may feel scared, alone and not self-confident.

People usually take decisions which make them feel safe and well. Generally, this is the easiest solution someone can find. But what I am wondering is the following: Do we take these decisions because we like them and we believe that they will make us happier or just because everybody else around us took these decisions and so we know what to wait and we are less afraid of the unknown?

Off course, you don’t need to have a world around trip to enjoy 100% and start choosing for your life.

I feel strange today and I wanted to share my thoughts with you. My life today is different than a year ago.

Does your life today is different than the life you had a year ago about now?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings.


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