World Around Trip: An amazing Interview To Let You Know How To Organize Your Trip

Hello everyone! Today, I am really excited!

Some of you already know about my passion to travel the world. Actually a year ago about now I left Europe and I started traveling the world. I have visited some of the countries of South America and Oceania.

Today, I decided to present you the interview I have recently made with a traveler. Fabien travelled around the world for a whole year and he accepted to share his experience. In this interview, he provides some advice about how to organize a world around trip and he explains how this trip around the world changed his life!

…one of my biggest challenges now is just to keep in mind all the learning of this experience and make it work for my entire life and not just for one year of life.

Enjoy the video!


Here after the main points of that interview. I wrote them down for you because I would love to help keep the key points of this conversation.

Tell us a little bit more about your world around trip

I left for a year in April 2011 and I went to Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, North America, Cook Island, New Zealand, which was my favorite, and then I went all the way up from Australia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand and I finished my trip in Nepal, a big nice trek.


How to choose the destinations of a world around trip?

It is pretty easy. You just think about the countries you want to visit and put then you them on the map. Mostly what I decided is to follow the sun, follow the nice weather. We spent some time in South America, it was cold but the sky was blue. For Asia, we tried to be there the best period of the year. First, decide where to go depending on our dream, put them on a map and see how to organize it depending on the weather.


What was the world around trip budget and can you share some tips about how you managed this budget for a whole year?

If you like cars, it is the budget of a nice beautiful car. I spent about 17.000€. It was a little bit over my initial budget because I did some great stuff in Brazil and in Nepal. I also went in some very expensive countries like Australia and New Zealand.

So, how to fix a budget is quite easy; you look on the Internet because many travelers share a day-to-day budget. So you see some cheap countries and some expensive countries and there is a global average.  You set up a target considering what kind of money you can spend, and then you decide the countries. If you don’t want such an expensive budget, don’t go in Australia for instance because it is really expensive and it is a big deal every day to keep your budget.

On the day-to-day life, I was just writing my expenses on an excel spreadsheet and I was trying to see if I could spend more money or less.

How did you manage to collect all that money for the world around trip?

I worked. I didn’t leave just after my studies. I worked a lot of years, I earned some money and then I left. I didn’t really feel the meaning of my life. I was working in Paris, what we say is “metro-boulot-dodo”; that mean we spent time in the subway, we work, we go back home and we just eat and sleep.  So it is not meaningful that kind of life and I decided to leave.

It took me six months to get ready …get rid of everything (no apartment, no job everything). I used the money I earned make something of my life.

You completely changed your life actually?

Yeah! If there is one thing I will remember about this trip, it is not the places I have been (beautiful places, thousands of pictures and movies). For me it is just a life-changing experience. I am a new man, I don’t consider life the same way, I don’t want my old life back.

It is a completely new way of thinking. The only thing I am afraid is how long I am going to keep this new way because I know I am back and I feel the pressure all around me, the stress is back, not back from me but back around me.

I think one of my biggest challenges now is just to keep in mind all the learning of this experience and make it work for my entire life and not just for one year of life.

Are you ready to organize your trip around the world?

What did you think of that interview? Please let me know if you liked and do not hesitate to give me your advice!



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