The Number One Different Adventure In Greece You Should Have

adventure in Greece - red eggs

Have you ever had an adventure in Greece?

It is not only during summer you may have an amazing adventure in Greece.

Many people all over the world visit Greece during summer in order to enjoy the beautiful islands, discover the sea with the clear, crystal, clean water, the sun and the beaches.

Most people believe that the only period they should visit Greece is during summer. It is true that summer is an ideal season to come and live your myth in Greece. But it is not the only period that someone should live an adventure in Greece.

Live a different adventure in Greece during Easter

An alternative way to live a true, unique and original adventure is visiting Greece during Orthodox Easter. Greek orthodox Easter is a very special and important religious event and its celebration is filled with rich Easter traditions.

To get a good taste of the celebration you have to visit some small cities or villages where original, authentic cultural events are taken place. During Easter holidays, Greek people escape from the big cities and travel to the country side in order to spend the holidays with their family.
 In many small picturesque villages, there is a big celebration accompanied with a traditional meal, dances, songs and a lot of “kefi“.
The whole event is called “panegyri” and it is a “Must” activity to do while being in Greece during Easter.

To give you a taste of the celebration I present you some of the most important activities:

Holy (or Great) Thursday

It is the day which we dye red eggs. 

Holy Friday

It is the day which women and children take flowers to the church to decorate the Epitaphio (the symbolic bier of Christ).

Holy Saturday

It is the apotheosis of the Holy week. The midnight Service of the Resurrection is an occasion attended by everyone who is able, including children, each holding a white candle. At midnight Young people shoot off fireworks and just after midnight most families leave the church and go all together at home where they have a big, rich meal. During that meal we break and eat the red eggs !


It is the day of the Greek Easter lamp. Lamb on the spit (Arni Sti Souvla) is the traditional Greek way of serving lamb at Easter – Pascha. Usually this is the only time of year in Greece that families will prepare lamb this way.

Adventure in Greece during Easter

Your Greek Easter adventure in Greece becomes more special in Chios Island

If you visit Chios Island during Easter you are going to have an unforgettable experience. That is because Chios is famous for its special event which is called “The rocket war“. The rocket war is taken place on Holy Saturday.

The Rocket war is a war between two main churches of Chios Island. Each church is represented by a group of people. They build manually the rockets during the whole year. On Holy Saturday, the war of rockets between the two churches starts at midnight. The spectacle is amazing and it is one of the most spectacular and original events in Greece. Many tourists all over Greece but also foreigners visit the island to discover and live this particular event.

To be honest with you, I have never been in that event in my life. But 2012 is the year of big changes so I decided to live this unique experience.

Tomorrow night is the big night and I feel really excited with the idea. I will be glad to share with you the whole experience. I hope you took a good image on Greek Orthodox Easter and why it is the number one adventure in Greece you should definitely have one day.

Did you know all that Greek traditions?

Do you have traditions of that kind in your home country?

Please, feel free to share your experiences.


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