A You Tube Video For An Original Adventure In Greece

In my last article, The Number One Adventure In Greece You Should Have, I presented you one of the most famous traditions we have in Chios Island during the Easter.

This special tradition is called “ The Rocket War” and it is taken place on Holy Saturday.

Your Life Your Choices has a You Tube Channel

This year, I visited the Rocket War for the first time in my life.  As I have promised you in my previous article, I prepared a whole new video to show you how it looks like.

As you may notice, this is the first video I upload in my blog so it won’t be perfect. But for this result, I would definitely like to thank my friends Adrienne and Annie.

Adrienne helped me understand better how videos work through her online Home Business Basic Training. On the other hand, Annie gave me some great ideas with the video she prepared for Adrienne’s blog (5 Easy Editing Techniques To Make Your YouTube Videos Less Boring).

So thanks both of you!

An introduction to one of the most strange and famous adventures in Greece you may have

Just to prepare you a little bit before watching that video…

The Rocket War is a war between two main churches of Chios Island. The churches are located in the city of Vrontados, a couple of kilometers away from the main city of Chios, Chora.

Each church is represented by a group of people. People build the rockets during the whole year in order to get prepared for the war that is going to take place on Holy Saturday. As you can imagine, the fans of the rocket war build thousands of rockets manually.

The event starts at around 10 o’clock on Holy Saturday and finishes early in the morning. The peak of the event is at midnight.

Let’s enjoy the video now…

So what do you think about that?

Did you enjoy the video? Does the event impress you?
Actually this year there was a huge amount of rockets (around 140.000)!

And what about my first video?

I put the “behind the scene” part because I thought it would be funny to share with you that.


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