Marijuana Is Proven The Most Effective Treatment For Epilepsy

Jenny was ecstatic when she found out that she and her husband were having a little girl.


Kaylee, would be Jenny and Franks first child.


Married for two years, before deciding to get pregnant, the small family has only been complete for about 6 months and tonight, they were together, enjoying a quite evening at home.


Cradling Kaylee in her arms, Jenny lifted the baby and slowly took in her scent, that fabulous new baby sent, before placing Kaylee into her Jumperoo for a little playtime before bath and bed.


CDB reduces epilepsy and anxiety

That’s when Jenny saw it.

The small rapid jerks in Kaylee’s body…

The distorting of her daughter’s face…

and the rapid movement of her eyes.


Kaylee was rushed to the hospital and her parents would learn that Kaylee is epileptic. Sadly, she had just experienced her first febrile seizure.


It’s been said that 1 out of 26 Americans will develop some form of epilepsy with some of the most severe cases resulting in heartbreaking amounts of seizures daily.


Take the case of 3-year old Addyson Benton from West Chester, Ohio. She was diagnosed with Intractable Myoclonic Epilepsy at the age of 9 months.

  • Intractable Epilepsy is identified by the fact that conventional medical treatment has little to no effect on symptoms and that 40 – 100 seizure a day are not unusual.


An EEG, which is a test that detects anything abnormal relating to the brain’s electrical activity, showed that Addyson was suffering from over 1,000 seizures daily. Addyson was prescribed anti-seizure medication which had a minimal effect on the amount or severity of the seizures.


Another story is that of Gwenevere Repetski. She was diagnosed with epilepsy as an infant and in her very short life -(she’s about to turn 3) she’s dealt with both seizures and the side effects of modern conventional pharmaceuticals, one side effect actually caused her to gain an additional, half of her normal weight, in just 3 weeks.


It wasn’t until these parents, as well as a growing number of families desperate to find an effective treatment for their child, decided to sidestep the toxic, laboratory produced, pill solutions (that sometimes have more side effects than benefits) and relocated their family to Colorado to begin using a new treatment oil which is extracted from marijuana.


Cannabidiol (CBD) which is the second most active chemical compound in marijuana, the first being Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), has proven to be the best treatment for not only epilepsy, but an increasingly long list of issues from acne to various forms of cancer.


The major difference between these two compounds:

  • THC is the psychoactive chemical that produces the high and euphoric feeling.
  • CBD does not produce the “high” but has been proven to be an aid in helping the body begin healing itself.


The fact that CBD has such a strong medicinal benefit without the “get high” has allowed CBD to become the proverbial poster child for marijuana legalization.


Most recently Texas decided to dip its toe into the pool of pro-medical marijuana by passing the “Texas Compassionate Use Act” (although medical marijuana activists say this version of the bill is worthless)


But no matter the current political hiccups,


CBD is being accepted with open arms, considered more of a dietary supplement then drug and is becoming recognized throughout the world for it healing properties.


Hopefully, in the  near future the world, will know what researchers have already proved, marijuana provides the safest, most effective way to treat some forms of Epilepsy.

Epilepsy is not the only ailment that Cannabidiol has been proven to help.


Cannabidiol has also been shown to help:




Rheumatoid Arthritis,


Psychiatric Symptoms,

and more…


Just check out this video clip from the documentary: 

“What is CBD? An in-depth look at the benefits of CBD and CBD-rich hemp oil”


This video clip introduces you even more medical conditions that can be treated with CBD:


Click Here!!! If you would like to watch the full movie. You’ll find that it is very blatant and filled with tons of proof about the actual benefits and possible future benefits of marijuana, in general, as well as CBD as well as other compounds in marijuana specifically.


Did you know that people who don’t smoke at all are more likely to get catch lung cancer than those who smoke weed regularly? See for yourself.



Did you know that Cannabidiol is legal and that you can add it to your diet plan now!!!

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